Covid vaccine via mRNA.

The base of exercise physiology = mRNA.

The base of sport training = mRNA.

The purpose of training is to improve cell function.Cell function improves when specific things inside cells increase in number, activity, or improved in structure. Workers inside cells build these specific things inside cells to increase them in number, activity, or improved structure.
The workers inside cells build these specific things by following a set of instructions of what to build and how to build it.
The workers are called ribosomes.The instructions are called DNA.Copies of the instructions are called mRNA.
The flu and other vaccines are traditional approaches. The mRNA vaccines are a new approach. Like digital music replacing an 8 track.
These are the first generation of them. They aren’t based on taking snippets of a virus.
In this case, they take the DNA code of the so called “spike protein”, the thing that sticks out from the virus surface that allows it to attach to your cells. They take the genetic code that tells a cell how to make it. The xerox copy of those instructions is called mRNA. The vaccine is comprised of that mRNA. When it gets into your blood stream, your immune system cells will get programmed to recognize it as something they should destroy.
They’ll produce anti-bodies that will attach themselves to any spike protein that shows up in your body. Then immune cells will attach themselves to the anti-bodies and destroy whatever the anti-body is attached to.
These mRNA vaccines only take a few weeks to make. The ability to get mRNA into the body without degrading took 30 years to develop.
Its the clinical trials that take 5 years…..not production of the vaccine.

The reason why drug companies could make the vaccine so quickly is because the technology already existed prior to January 2020. They just had to sit around and wait for a problem virus to emerge. When covid emerged in China, some folks tracked down infected patients, identified the virus, then set out to identify the DNA for some part or structure on the surface of the virus that they believed would be something the immune system could recognize and attack.

FDA authorization to skip the 5 year clinical trials on about 200,000 to 300,000, instead going 2 months with about 30,000 to 40,000 is what has happened December 11, 2020.
The independent, non-government, non-Trump influenced, 22 person panel that advises the FDA on these things voted in favor on December 10, 2020.

The vote was 17 to 4, with 1 abstention.Obviously 17 – 4…..isn’t 22 – 0.The 4 that voted “no” aren’t anti-vaxers. They had concerns.You can listen to them speak at the meeting of the group, it was public. CSPAN. org.

Traditional vaccines have harmed a lotta people. The mRNA vaccines don’t contain much of the crap that can cause issues.Their main downside is on the front end. The initial reaction after the 2nd shot. It happens in half or more of the people that get the vaccine. The 1 or 2 days of severe fatigue, headache, nausea, etc can be problematic for some people.
At present, the real deal type of harm doesn’t appear to be likely with this mRNA approach because the mRNA degrades in a couple hours, and there are fewer avenues where something can go wrong.

The upside for mRNA vaccines is that they don’t have the potential contamination issues that have caused harm like the traditional vaccines, because they don’t contain the stuff that can get contaminated. That’s been a problem with traditional vaccines made at some FDA approved but not FDA inspected manufacturing places in China where American healthcare companies get their vaccines. A bunch of people at several businesses in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio had that experience in early 2019.

Giving any vaccine to people that have diagnosed, serious immune system issues will cause harm. That happens in our country a lot!!!
The downside of many vaccines is that people who administer vaccines often fail to do proper screening to weed out people that one should know for certain are likely to suffer a serious problem.This happened in Britain with some of the first people to get the vaccine. A couple of healthcare workers, both, quite predictably had anaphylactic reactions. Both carry adrenaline shots with them due to how allergic they are to stuff, but somebody injected them with the vaccine anyway.They didn’t die so we say, oh well, collateral damage.

In our country we accept crap.

We shout down complaints as anti-vaxer rhetoric. We dismiss harm to people as collateral damage for the greater good.
The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program……In the U.S. there are 4 billion reasons why you shouldn’t blindly mandate vaccines, or blindly trust drug companies.
Our federal government’s $4 Billion Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund. That’s not $400,000.Not $4 million.Its $4 Billion.
Over the years, Pfizer has been prosecuted criminally and civily by the United States Justice Department to the tune of more than $10 Billion in criminal fines and civil settlements.

These are reasons to abstain from brow beating people about vaccines.Over 55% of the country believe they’ll take the vaccine.At 89 – 91% effective our country only needs 70 % to 75% to get the vaccine, and some other people to where a mask when around people they don’t live with till sometime around the Fall 2021, so we can turn this into polio….almost eliminated.
That means 70 million to 90 million Americans that don’t need to be brow beaten or shamed into submission, trying to get them to take a vaccine.
Leave people alone.

Provide info and let them decide.
Don’t brow beat, leave people alone.If you’re a libertarian on many issues, leave people alone.

If you’re pro choice on abortion, leave people alone.

Provide info and let them decide.