“Over one million European children undergo computed tomography (CT) scans annually. Although moderate- to high-dose ionizing radiation exposure is an established risk factor for hematological malignancies…..”
“Here we followed up a multinational cohort of 948,174 individuals who underwent CT examinations before age 22 years in nine European countries.”
“Results suggest that for every 10,000 children examined today, 1–2 persons are expected to develop a hematological malignancy attributable to radiation exposure in the subsequent 12 years.”
“Our results strengthen the body of evidence of increased cancer risk at low radiation doses and highlight the need for continued justification of pediatric CT examinations and optimization of doses.”
M.B.deBasea Gomez, et al
Risk of hematological malignancies from CT radiation exposure in children, adolescents and young adults
Nature Medicine — Volume 29 #12 — December 2023 — pg3111