“Begin with the end in mind”—-[Stephen Covey]
Photo of the stuff that I put my food/drink in or on. Along the path to better nutrient consumption, weight loss, and/or better supplements, etc in today’s world it may be wise to look at what you place your food in or on. Glass may reduce your consumption of stuff over the long term that may leach into your food or drink. Plastic particles, plasticizer chemicals, paints, dies, etc. that over a period of years or decades can gradually endup inside your body, and subsequently inside your cells.
In our country at present, portion size is the low hanging fruit in the subject matter of weight loss. Perform this task…..visit an antique shop. Look at the standard plate size in the1920’s – 50’s. Compare them to what you have in your kitchen cabinets today. The first thing that goes through people’s minds when they go to smaller plates is….”how do I fit all my food on such a small plate”. That’s pretty much the point. You don’t fit [and can’t] fit all the volume of food you’re accustomed to eating on the small plate.