Nutrition Medicine = food and/or supplements as medicine.
I first heard Dean speak back in the 1990’s here in Austin at a medical conference presenting research on alternative medicine…..the days when the prevailing “wisdom” in the American medical community was that heart disease was a terminal diagnosis. He presented the data that he published in the Journal Of The American Medicine Association showing non-prescription drug reversal of clogged blood vessels via change in the type of food consumed.
The medical community labeled him a quack.

Certain folks in the drugs only, drugs always, drugs forever medical community continue to do so today.
Sprinting down the wrong path and shouting down those on the right path is what happens in medicine, in science, in sport, in life when you put dogma ahead of data.
Hence my mantra, put data ahead of dogma. Follow the data, not the crowd.

Today his reversing heart disease treatment program is funded by Medicare in spite of the stone throwing by folks that practice medicine in glass houses. President Obama appointed Dr Dean Ornish to the Presidential White House Advisory Group on Prevention, Health Promotion, and Integrative and Public Health.

Dr. Dean Ornish TEDx Talk —