Cancer causation basics

You’ve worked a job/career for 2 to 4 decades where the nature of the beast is that you’ve had your non-masked nose and mouth inside low ventilation rooms of the houses you’ve been painting. Worked in a science lab or hospital with your non-gloved hands dipping into fluids containing formaldehyde or other DNA strand breaking oxidants. Worked in office buildings and houses laying carpets that off-gas into your non-masked nose and mouth. You’ve worked 2 to 4 decades in any job/career in America from a suit & tie office to a coal mine that exposes you to DNA strand breaking stuff.

Added to this load there’s the stuff you drink/eat/do every weekend or everyday since you were a teenager [alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes].

2 to 4 decades of stuff going into your blood stream and onward to various tissues comprising various organs, eventually to a location that happens to be your weakest link. Eventually the volume of it all surpasses the volume of anti-oxidants you receive from your food, supplements, and exercise [a.k.a. “you eat right and exercise”]. Line of defense #1 of 3 lowered against cancer cell production and growth in whatever tissue/organ happens to be your weakest link.

The oxidants become able to initiate the rate and magnitude of DNA strand breaks necessary to become a problem. Eventually some of those DNA strand breaks are on genes that code for one or more tumor suppressors. Now you have a major problem. Line of defense #2 of 3 lowered against cancer cell production and growth in whatever tissue/organ happens to be your weakest link.

Add in the American norm of living immune system suppressing stress as a lifestyle, the over-consumption of immune system suppressing foods and substances [sugar, alcohol, etc], or simply the standard day to day house/car, bills, kids, job, dysfunctional family-coworkers-boss-marriage, test taking and term paper deadline types of stressors that perhaps the unaddressed experiences in your childhood and teenage years cause you to approach with more dysfunction than other folks do. Over time these collectively lower long term immune system functioning. Line of defense #3 of 3 lowered against cancer cell production and growth in whatever tissue/organ happens to be your weakest link.

At that point the status of things enters into the basic math equation.
The rate of cancer cell production exceeds the rate of cancer cell destruction.
Here you officially begin the lengthy journey down the path towards the day of diagnosis in your doctor’s office.

After the day of diagnosis you pursue the standard traditional treatment approach, then get branded as being “cancer free”.

You’re -not- told that there may be cancerous stem cells that went somewhat untouched by the chosen standard traditional treatment approach. Told nothing about how line of defense number 1, 2, or 3 were compromised thus you’re -not- empowered to take action accordingly. You go back to your life, business as usual. Nothing caused your cancer. Stuff happens. Nothing to see here, move along.

From here the cancer patient population self-separates into 2 groups.
Those that wanna know stuff and those that don’t.

You live in a country where seeking what caused your cancer is -not- viewed as applied knowledge acquisition and subsequent self-empowerment. It is instead viewed as a highly aversive blame game where the words “its your fault” and the phrase “don’t blame the victim” are the weapon of choice.

The medical community lives by “treat and release”. Teach nothing.

The fundraising community engages in the emotionalization of disease. Teach nothing.

Psychological norms teach you to “fight cancer” by learning nothing and doing nothing other than showing up for your scheduled appointments, endure the aversive “side effects” of standard traditional treatment approach, or start a non-profit organization number 5,529 to fund people’s careers in never ending research.

Resist the norm. The norm is -not- normal.

Know stuff. To “get cancer”, the following —has to— happen very early on in the process that follows initial damage to DNA that precedes cancer cell growth and spread……….

1 — Cell must lose ability to repair damaged DNA

2 — cell must lose ability to commit suicide once damaged DNA is detected

3 — normal functioning immune system must lose ability to kill cancer cells at a rate that exceeds cancer cell production

4 — this situation must persist for years or decades