My vision of what will be coming to our relatively low visibility sport in about 24 months from now. Part of the mission of the club is to promote the sport inside the United States. Contrary to what many in our sport believe, clinics for kids isn’t sport promotions. A functioning sport promotions effort raises the visibility of a sport via promotions, advertising, attracting attention, with a goal towards putting butts in the seats and eyeballs on television.

A broad overview of TheETG Track & Field Promotions Plan.

— create and maintain name recognition and visibility of Track & Field inside the United States
— cultivate a track community by creating effective channels of access to the sport inside Austin Texas
— print media drives television media. Get fans to track meets….then….get the track meets on television.
— focus all efforts –first– within our circle of influence [people that are already within the sport]then….focus on expanding that circle of influence outward.
— create a consistent message. Never change it. One message repeated often, gets heard.
— promote the sport by using political campaign types of tactics. Give away sport identity and affilitation stuff for free [buttons, bumper stickers, t-shirts, key chains].
— no racing in non-championship meets in Europe. There exists no way to promote Track & Field in the United States by racing in Europe if those meets are -not- aired on widely available, mainstream TV channels on U.S. televisions.
— no sunglasses or anything that covers your face during races that reduces off-the-track recognizability.
— no constant changing of colors or designs of uniforms each year that reduces recognizability.
— no constant changing of track meet schedules. Create and maintain expectations and familiarity.