“Many studies have confirmed the efficacy of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as a treatment for depression. This study explored the mechanism of cognitive behavioral therapy from the perspective of individuals’ problem-solving appraisal.”

“Findings supported the research hypothesis that the more individuals improved their problem-solving appraisal, the more their depression decreased.”

“Additionally, it was discovered that the poorer individuals’ problem-solving appraisal before the cognitive behavioral therapy, the more improvement they had on depression and problem solving appraisal after the cognitive behavioral therapy .”

“In sum, findings suggested that problem-solving appraisal might play an important part in cognitive behavioral therapy for depression reduction…..”

Szu.Y.Chen et al
The Effect of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) on Depression: The Role of Problem-Solving Appraisal
Research on Social Work Practice……Volume 16 #5……September 2006…..page 500 – 510