essential fatty acids for concussion & brain injury……
“Traumatic brain injury…..remains a clinical challenge. Clinical studies thus far have failed to identify an effective treatment strategy.”
“……controlling aspects of neuroprotection, neuroinflammation, and neuroregeneration is needed.”
“Omega-3 fatty acids offer the advantage of this approach.”
“…..there is a growing body of strong preclinical evidence and clinical experience that suggests that benefits may be possible from aggressively adding substantial amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids to optimize the nutritional foundation of traumatic brain injury, concussion, and postconcussion syndrome patients.”
“Early and optimal doses of Omega-3 fatty acids, even in a prophylactic setting, have the potential to improve outcomes from this potentially devastating problem.”
“….Omega-3 fatty acids should be considered mainstream, conventional medicine, if conventional medicine can overcome its inherent bias against nutritional, nonpharmacologic therapies.”
M.D.Lewis, et al
Concussions, Traumatic Brain Injury, and the Innovative Use of Omega-3s
Journal Of The American College Of Nutrition — Volume 35 #7 — July 2016 — page 469


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In the words of a few doctors working in the medical research portion of the U.S. government, as a country we do a poor job of disseminating and proliferating research information to doctors, as well as to the public. Estimates are that only about 15% of information that we acquire as a species from research gets disseminated. Most doctors don’t read research, and many resist information that contradicts strongly held beliefs.
Some research based information that we as a species have known for many years…….
One of the major mechanisms of long term damage to brain caused by repeated concussions is the production of things called oxidants that cause something called oxidative damage.Thus, avoidance of long term damage to brain from repeated concussions is a matter of anti-oxidant supply. As tends to be the norm in our popular culture in areas of cancer and heart disease, etc…on the subject of concussions, brain research and brain researchers specializing in nutrition medicine are being ignored. Logical, science based approaches to resolving such issues fail to attract the attention of the popular media, and people suffer as a result. Hence a commonly used slogan..”my people perish from a lack of knowledge.
Long term oxidant induced damage to brain cells is one of the major mechanisms of aging. Dramatically accelerated oxidant induced damage to brain cells caused by -very- high levels of stress, repeated concussions, or traumatic brain injury causes dramatically accelerated aging in brain cells. This kills them off by the million, a rate exceeds the rate of regeneration. Thus obviously the fix is to reduce the level of oxidants by supplying anti-oxidants. And at the same time, engage in activities and consume foods to elevate brain cell regeneration levels. Engaging in these for one or 2 months post-concussion will likely prove sufficient to resolve concerns of long term brain injury.
—– Consume foods and supplements to reduce oxidants……..
Consume at one time, the combination of these mixed berries…..strawberries– black berries– blue berries– raspberries– grapes
Consuming at one time, the combination of these 4 vegetables…..broccoli florets– chopped carrot– chopped romano tomato– chopped cucumber

The combination of these 4 anti-oxidant supplements….selenium [200mg]– beta carotene [25,000 IU]– vitamin E [400 IU]– vitamin C [500mg]
—– Consume other anti-oxidant supplements……..resveratrol [100mg]– n-acetyl-Cysteine [500 – 600mg]
—– Consume a gluthathione [anti-oxidant] producing probiotic……probiotic brand called “Reg’Activ”
—– Engage in activities to elevate brain cell regeneration levels…..autogenic relaxation– meditation– math problems [do in your head, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division