I got into Orlando on Wednesday. Leaving Monday.
Attended all the meetings I set out to attend. Have crossed many committees off that list for future years. My list going forward is…..Athletes Advisory, Coaching Advisory, U.S. Track Meet Directors Association, Authorized reps/agents, Board Of Directors, opening & closing sessions, Law & Legislation.
Got to attend my very first board meeting today. In past years I usually was headed to the airport at that time but this year I intentionally scheduled departure for Monday so that I could be certain to stay for the entire meeting other than their closed, executive session.
my meeting notes…..
— movement toward registering all coaches, require level 1 certificate and background check
— Jill Geer came in during the U.S. Track Meet Directors meeting, said that she is the USA Track & Field marketing department, one [1] person, and she has no formal academic marketing background.
— USATF wing & star logo….they’re going to wait till it becomes recognizable, rather than use “usa track & field”
— about 30% of the American population is “cutting the cord”…..using online TV sources rather than cable TV
      —- this may impact TV rights deals in the future
      —- many online TV outlets are selling packages that don’t include some channels
— making people choose between NBCSN and ESPN
— Play Station offers more inclusive packages
— NCAA’s 2015…..online viewers on ESPN3 = 32,000
— women’s NCAA’s 2015 on ESPN, TV viewers = 300,000
— men’s NCAA’s 2015 on ESPN, TV viewers = half-million
— USA Track & Field Championships, indoors 2015….TV viewers = 300,000