“…..impact of local muscle heating and cooling on myogenic and proteolytic gene responses following resistance exercise.”
“Recreationally trained males (n = 12), age 25.3 ± 1.5, % body fat 13.6 ± 1.92, completed four sets of 8–12 repetitions of unilateral leg press and leg extension while heating one leg, and cooling the other. Muscle biopsies were taken from the vastus lateralis of each leg pre and 4 hours post exercise.”

“These results suggest an impaired muscle growth response with local cold application compared to local heat application.”
R.B.Zak, et al
Impact of local heating and cooling on skeletal muscle transcriptional response related to myogenesis and proteolysis
European Journal of Applied Physiology – Volume 118 #1 – January 2018 – page 101


“The findings show whole body cryotherapy has a negative impact on muscle function, perceptions of soreness and a number of blood parameters compared to cold water immersion, contradicting the suggestion that whole body cryotherapy may be a superior recovery strategy.”
“Further, cryotherapy is no more effective than a placebo intervention at improving functional recovery or perceptions of training stress following a marathon. These findings lend further evidence to suggest that treatment belief and the placebo effect may be largely responsible for the beneficial effects of cryotherapy on recovery following a marathon.”
L.J.Wilson, et al
Recovery following a marathon: a comparison of cold water immersion, whole body cryotherapy and a placebo control
European Journal of Applied Physiology – Volume 118 #1 – January 2018 – page 153