“….systematic review of the current body of literature and a meta-analysis to compare changes in strength and hypertrophy between low- vs. high-load resistance training protocols.”
“….studies that met the following criteria: (a) an experimental trial involving both low-load training [≤60% 1 repetition maximum] and high-load training (>60% 1Repetition Maximum); (b) with all sets in the training protocols being performed to momentary muscular failure; (c) at least one method of estimating changes in muscle mass or dynamic, isometric, or isokinetic strength was used; (d) the training protocol lasted for a minimum of 6 weeks……”
“A total of 21 studies were ultimately included for analysis.”
“Gains in 1 Repetition Maximum strength were significantly greater in favor of high- vs. low-load training, whereas no significant differences were found for isometric strength between conditions.”
“Changes in measures of muscle hypertrophy were similar between conditions. The findings indicate that maximal strength benefits are obtained from the use of heavy loads while muscle hypertrophy can be equally achieved across a spectrum of loading ranges.”
Strength and hypertrophy adaptations between low- vs. high-load resistance training: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Journal Of Strength & Conditioning Research – Volume 31 #12 – December 2017 – page 3508
TheETG strength training consists of standardized protocol with heavy weights usually done on the 4th, 10th, 16th days of each month, all year around.
Heavy weights are a stimulus for high level strength increases via adaptations in brain and nervous system rather than a focus on increasing muscle size.
Weights at the gym……
I do 3 reps consecutively or cumulatively with heavy weight for each exercise [definition of “heavy weight” = weight I can’t lift more than 3 or 4 reps consecutively].
I’m about 5’6″, weigh 120 – 123 lbs, I do…….
— one leg 1/4 squat = 275 pounds [free weights]
— one leg calf raise = 225 pounds [free weights]
— one leg hamstring curl one = 85 pounds [on a machine]

— single leg bounding [no weight] = 3 ground contacts one leg at a time, 2 sets
— pull-ups, palms facing one another, 3 reps slowly, 2 sets
— bar dips, 3 reps slowly, 2 sets

— bench press = 150 pounds [free weights]
— shoulder retraction = 230 pounds [machine….seated row w/elbows locked]
— shoulder flexion = 20 pounds [free weights….supine on bench, w/elbows locked]
— shoulder extension = 20 pounds [free weights….prone on bench, w/elbows locked]
see TheETG training protocols on the training packets page of TheETG website.