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The Purpose Of Training: Gene Transcription

The purpose of training is to turn on a process called, gene transcription, which results in specific “Adaptations To Training”. Adaptations To Training, are the result of the production of new proteins comprised of things called, amino acids [protein], that have been placed together in a specific order. Genes are a set of instructions of which amino acids are to be placed together to build a specific protein. .A training stimulus [workout] is a chemical signal produced by a workout and received by the genes inside specific cells (ie. nerve cell, muscle, etc.). The training stimulus is a signal, turning on the processes of gene transcription and translation. .The signal causes the gene to make copies of itself (gene transcription), which are sent to the builders of new proteins (ribosomes) at a construction site. The builders follow the instructions detailing which of 20 amino acids to place together and in what order (translation), to build specific types of proteins. Specific workouts yield specific adaptations, because the training stimulus determines which genes are copied and taken to the builders, thus yielding specific “Adaptations To Training”. .There are regulators of the process of gene copying called transcription factors (enhancers, boosters, suppressors). It is the copying process, not the genes themselves, that…..most…..affects Adaptations To Training. And it is……..that most affects the copying process.

The requirements of track & field distance events training program.—– develops the level of nerve and muscle fiber recruitment, recruitment rate, and recruitment duration necessary to run at goal pace from starting line to finish line. —– repeated workouts that stimulate gene level inducement of the required training adaptations in and around brain cells and nerve fibers. —– addresses the big ticket items…..– mitochondria– ion pumps– ion channels– blood vessels– glucose transporters — glycogen storage capacity.”

Genetics -vs- Training”