Not gonna give a well done to NBC as a whole, but am gonna say well done to NBCSN. At least for their several hours of morning coverage of the World Championships [donno yet about the evening broadcasts].
They appear to have abandoned the 2 to 3 decades long approach of…”appeal to the average viewer” that has been kicking our sport in the crotch in TV coverage for so many years.
Dan Obrien’s commentary has been outstanding. People will watch if there’s something to watch. When you try to appeal to everybody you endup being appealing to nobody.
When you direct your coverage towards the fan, as is done with the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, NHL, things tend to go way better as Premiere League soccer is also demonstrating in their weekend broadcasts into the United States.
Don’t wait for vision-less people to say its possible. Make it happen and drive a big bandwagon.