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Modern day sport nutrition is no longer about “carbo loading” or protein bars and powders, or “sport drinks”. We know a little more these days. We’re living in an era where each year as a species we’re dramatically improving our ability to peer into the human body and study the way that cells work. Some principles that we know thus far……Just as it is best to design a training program that repeatedly delivers a set in stone [a.k.a. standardized] training stimulus to the cells of the body, thus empowering you to deliver a relatively controllable forward movement in fitness without plateau or other artificial limitation…..likewise it is best to provide a standardized supply of nutrients following the delivery of training stimuli. Long term, you’ll stick with things that are easy to implement. Therefore, sit down at a table and do the math –once– on the amount of nutrients required on your training day in protein, micronutrients, and carbos so you can thereafter, mindlessly follow a set scripted menu on workout day and the 24 to 48 hour period after it. Protein requirement will be at least 1 gram for every kilogram of your desired body weight and may go more toward 1.5 or 2grams per kilogram. There is some educated guess work to be done in this area. Thus, I follow a set-in-stone, standardized menu on my training days. I have a general menu that I follow on the other days. which also includes a Modified fasting day of reduced food intake. The modified fasting provides a period of time of reduced work for the immune system embedded in the digestive tract, and a day of potentially reduced work for the cells of the pancreas and other digestion related organs and glands. And I follow a 10 – 12 hour “Time Restricted Eating” process where all food consumption takes place during a 10 – 12 hour period each day which provides about 12 hours of no eating that contributes to a wide array of cell level long term health promoting activities including mitochondrial repair in the liver and other organs.

Controllability in all areas of training provides a high level of controllability in performance level which is where the real money is in sport. By standardizing a menu you guarantee the absence of a situation where nutrient consumption is sufficient on one training day but not on the next one. If its always the same, you know with certainty what you’re getting one day versus another. It doesn’t change, thusly it can’t get screwed up.Protein is very important. Avoid under estimations, as insufficient protein intake following a workout creates a situation where you’ve delivered the training stimulus, your cells have copied the necessary genes [a.k.a. blue prints] and sent those copies to the builder of cell proteins [ribosomes]….but the builders aren’t given the building materials in adequate amounts for them to do their job. If you fail to supply the building materials, stuff doesn’t get built. Put another way, you worked hard during the workout, now you’re -not- gonna get out of it what you should get out of it. Repeat this with each workout over a period of months and years and it’ll take you extra weeks, months, or years to get to the fitness level you could have arrived at weeks, months, or years earlier. Hopefully you won’t quit the sport before getting to where you could have. And hopefully you won’t follow the tradition of claiming “its genetic” prevented you from achieving a higher level of performance in the sport, or that drug use would have been necessary for you to get further in the sport.

—– Post-workout nutrient consumption…..The main purpose of a workout is to induce production of specific proteins cells need in order for the body to function at a higher level, thus empowering improved performance. I drive added cell protein production beyond what the workout alone has induced by consuming a combo drink of whey protein + carbo that drives insulin level. Insulin is perhaps the most powerful anabolic hormone in the human body. The increase along side providing protein stimulates both, further gene transcription and translation beyond what the workout itself achieves. To some degree the beverage is an immune system stimulator. Immune system cells not only clean up debri in brain, nerve, and muscle tissue, but also produce growth factor substances that aid cell and tissue building for improvement in functioning. Within 5 – 10 minutes post-workout while still at the track I begin consumption of the beverage. It also contains micronutrients.

It also provides the critical range of carbos 20 – 40 grams allowing one to strike while your blood flow is still relatively high and thus a greater rate of delivery of carbos to brain, nervous system, immune system, and muscle during the first 20 – 30 minutes. That results in greater carbo available for fuel for post-workout cell function, greater carbo available for fuel for local immune system cells doing their required jobs that enhance workout recovery and forward movement of cellular fitness level, and greater carbo available for storage as glycogen to be used for fuel in the next race or the next workout.

—– starting within 5 to 10 minutes Post-workout Post-workout beverage provides…..whey protein and micronutrientswhey protein……

— includes cysteine…….which increases glutathione– gluthatione increased more with whey protein

— better increase in insulin compared to caseinate

— better muscle protein synthesis in whey compared to caseinate

— higher blood levels of essential amino acids in whey compared to caseinate

— higher blood levels of leucine in whey compared to caseinate

— The two main whey proteins……a-lactalbumin and ß-lactoglobulin

— enhances neutrophil function, increases lymphocytes – alpha-lactalbumin…..contains tripeptide [Glycine-Leucine-Phenylalanine]

— enhances macrophage function

– alpha-lactalbumin…..high tryptophan content has neurological impact..

“These data indicate that liquid carbohydrate plus essential amino acid ingestion ingestion enhances muscle anabolism following resistance training to a greater extent than either CHO or EAA consumed independently. The synergistic effect of liquid carbohydrate plus essential amino acid ingestion maximises the anabolic response……”
S.P. Bird, K.M. Tarpenning, F.E. MarinoIndependent and combined effects of liquid carbohydrate/essential amino acid ingestion on hormonal and muscular adaptations following resistance training in untrained menEuropean Journal of Applied Physiology…..Volume 97 #2……May 2006….page 225 – 238.

The Run Day meals are consumed across the initial 12 hour period following the workout. This time frame is the critical period where workout-induced gene transcription and translation are on their greatest rise and sustained levels. This is the time frame to supply the required nutrients in the required amounts that help drive that process. Give the body not only what it needs, but do so during the critical time frame that it needs it.Failure to do so results in a wasted opportunity after you’ve invested high effort and energy into a workout. Failure to do so on a consistent basis results in a delay, adding extra weeks, months, or years to the time it’ll take you to get to your goal level of sport performance.

The main food item on a Run Day menu is a pizza. This is a food source containing a very high nutrient density of protein, essential fatty acids, minerals, and carbohydrates.

—– standardized menu items on the other days……..The standardized menu includes consumption of nutrition medicine oriented supplements that also happen to be powerful nutrients in applied Sport Nutrition. I also consume a nutrition medicine beverage comprised of a combination of liquid items on TheETG supplements list, all in a glass. Collectively they provide…..nucleotides, neuropeptides, immunoglobulins, essential fats, iodine and other minerals..I consume a combination of 4 individual plant juices that I mix togeter [Aloe juice, pomegranate juice, cranberry juice, concord grape juice] that provide long chain plant sugars [plant polysaccharides] and other phyto-chemicals.

The standardized menu includes consumption of the 4 vegetables [broccoli, cucumber, carrot, tomato] that not only provide high levels of micro-nutrients and anti-oxidants but perhaps more importantly when combined with one another provide relatively high levels of gene activating phyto-chemicals, anti-oxidants, and micro-nutrients….as well as being well established alkalizing foods. To increase delivery of fat soluble substances contained in these vegetables I add a source of fat via Australian macnut oil poured on top of the vegetables. Contains minerals and essential fats.

Chopping each of the vegetables [in addition to chewing] carries the purpose of physically activating substances in these vegetables that are in an inactive form. I add grapes to the mixed vegetables for an additional flavor and nutrients.

The mix of these 4 vegetables in particular are where the money is in this area of sport nutrition, as well as general health nutrition for the non-athlete American.

The standardized menu includes consumption of a combo of mixed fruit and mixed berries to supply additional anti-oxidants and micro-nutrients. To increase delivery of fat soluble substances contained in the mixed berries and mixed fruit I add a source of fat via Australian macnut oil poured on top. Contains minerals and essential fats.

So collectively this is what the Sport Science called Applied Sport Nutrition looks like. Sport sciences matter.

“I don’t know that there is any magic level of interest in science that people ought to have. But the more they understand, the more they will be able to control their destiny and achieve their other aims.”[Stephen Hawking].

Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed”[Francis Bacon].

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