A 12 year old that can’t sit still because they’ve been taught that its not allowed is an adult that will suffer from relaxation induced anxiety. Mind-Body medicine 101……That adult will be standing in the early onset dementia/Alzheimer’s/Parkinsons line when they hit 50 or 60 years old. A kid isn’t going to join a gang and go to jail for murder or end up as homeless adult because you didn’t sign them up to fill that 60th hour of weekly activities with mandarin Chinese or their 5th soccer team.

Let 21rst century kids have some 1970’s time to themselves.
And parents should consider exiting the mini-van and do the same.

Set aside the noise of the norm, the hypnosis of social conditioning. Let other people continue to run themselves and their kids into the ground.No need to join them. ..Mind-Body medicine……Mind-body medicine is founded on the basic principle that the brain controls or influences the function of all cells in the body by direct connection to them via the nervous system, or via chemical interaction via release of hormones or substances called neuro-peptides. Hence the importance of and awareness of the existence of mind-body medicine. And the importance of utilizing mind-body medicine and integrating into the practice of medicine in the United States.

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