In 2020, averaged more than 100 downloads each month of TheETG training packets. Free, research science based pdf’s on Track & Field distance runner training. Nearly 45,000 visits to TheETG website in 2020. Over 1500 visits lasting more than an hour.

The top 10 pdf’s downloaded in 2020……..

1 — TheETG training program

2– TheETG Track & Field Promotions Project

3– TheETG recovery, restoration, adaptation

4– ETG info: drugs, drug testing, sham & scam

5– TheETG “This is Track & Field” document

6– TheETG warmup

7– TheETG background science info

8– TheETG range of motion

9– ETG info: genetics vs training

10– TheETG running injury repair


The functioning of brain cells, muscle cells, blood cells, -all- cells are governed by the laws of nature, -not- your chosen belief system.


“In God we trust…..Everyone else must bring data.” [W.Edwards Deming]

“I don’t know that there is any magic level of interest in science that people ought to have. But the more they understand, the more they will be able to control their destiny and achieve their other aims.” [Stephen Hawking]