Reposting a reminder.
Drug use and drug testing are a sham and a scam…………
WADA lab errors falsely accused athletes of doping
[ESPN June 23, 2011]………
“Egyptian soccer star Hossam Ghaly and an American female marathon runner were falsely suspected of doping because of a Malaysian laboratory’s mistakes”
“The American runner, who was not identified, avoided a ban….The lab failed to consider the possible effects of a birth control pill……”
“Ghaly was among three Middle East-based players suspended after the lab in Penang wrongly reported positive tests for the steroid nandrolone. He challenged the analysis but served a one-month ban before his innocence was proved…..”
“Two soccer players in the United Arab Emirates, Samir Ibrahim Ali Hassan and Hassan Tir, served eight-month bans last year before…..cleared their names.”
“In a separate CAS verdict last year, Hassan was awarded $11,900 in legal costs from the UAE anti-doping authority, the report said.”
“CAS ruling said—-“….But for the initiatives of the athletes, and the investigations of other laboratories, the errors would not have been unmasked and the athletes’ careers interrupted, if not terminated.”
Drug use and drug testing are a sham and an scam.
Just one more piece of proof of same. Athletes continue to get accused as this story is solely about a lucky few that somehow
managed to get the help necessary to prove the test results were bogus, and then lucked out and got a CAS panel that was willing to go with the data rather than turn a blind eye.
But obviously they weren’t lucky enough to get more than a blurb about their innocence compared to the standard hoopla media typically will engage in about an athlete’s supposedly “positive” test accusing them of doping. A bell that’s very difficult to un-ring.
Meanwhile, the labs get paid, the lab directors get paid, and the people designing these “fool proof” tests get paid.
Follow the money. Drug use and drug testing are a sham and an scam.