Human Psychology 101………

About 6 of every 10 lottery winners of $10 million or more have lost most or all of it within 5 years.

Lottery winners are more likely to be bankrupt within 3 to 5 years than other Americans.

About 50% of NFL players have lost most or all money within 3 to 5 years after leaving the league.


The brain is a computer.

The self-image is the programming.

How you see yourself. The self-image is everything.

What you’ll accept and what you’ll reject. Where you will and won’t go. What you will and won’t do. What you will and won’t pursue. What you will achieve and what you will fail. What you can and can’t have. What you’ll get but won’t let yourself keep.


The self-imageā€¦.If you aren’t constantly and intentionally throughout your life improving it and moving it forward, it’ll keep you where you are. Or worse, it’ll return you to where you’ve been following an experience of a level of success or achievement that exceeds what your brain’s programming will allow to stay in your life. In your life experiences, your job and career, your finances and money issues, your romantic relationships, it’ll have you sabotaging, pushing away, or avoiding every bit of success and achievement that is beyond what your brain is programmed to acquire, accept, and embrace.


In sport, in business, in life in general, you’ll see this phenomena occurring everywhere you look. There’s a reason so many lottery winners and pro athletes end up back to where they were financially. There’s a reason so many people get in, stay in, and/or return to bad or abusive relationships.

“Self-image congruence”……When one’s achievements or the goals one sets and pursues are beyond the self-image, thus outside the upper boundary of the comfort zone, some sort of sabotage of one’s success or goal achievement is inevitable.


It is the boundaries of your comfort zone, the vehicle of your success, the anchor slowing your movement, the 4 walls of a prison cell keeping you in place.

In a world packed with self-hating, self limiting, self-sabotaging humans, everybody has a responsibility to themselves in their adult years to improve the way they see themselves. To move their self-image forward. To fix their self-talk. To develop and create more things about themselves to hold in high esteem.


In this area, self-responsibility is the engine of change.

Overcome yourself, the status quo, resistance to change. Be responsible for the choices you make and the actions you take to move forward, to stand still, to stay stuck, to move backward.


Do the work within yourself. In the pursuit of your goals, remove all potential self-created limitations from your path.

Implement the process of purposely programming yourself with the beliefs, philosophy, values, and self-image that you want guiding your behavior patterns and determining your quality of life.

Be aggressive. Create an unstoppable juggernaut.


[Iyanla Vanzant]—“When something unbelievably phenomenal is happening in your life and you don’t believe you are good enough to have it, you will consciously or unconsciously find a way to sabotage your dreams come



“…what people are seeking is not the answers to problems, but the reassurance that no answers are possible. A friend of mine once said that today’s attitude, paraphrasing the Bible, is:’Forgive me, Father, for I know not what I’m doing, and please don’t tell me’.”

[Ayn Rand]


[Joel Osteen]— “If you’re against yourself, you will never fulfill your destiny.”