Drug use and drug testing are sham and a scam.

Beware of drug testers looking to make mo money, mo money, mo money.

[Reuters, May 9, 2016….by Steve Keating ] — WADA seeks TV rights tax to help pay for anti-doping fight.

“A tax on television rights holders and contributions from sponsors could provide new revenue streams for the cash-strapped World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) as it looks to fund the fight against performance-enhancing drugs in sport.”

…Reedie floated the idea of 0.5 percent tax on worldwide sporting media rights he estimated at $35 billion that would contribute $175 million a year to the organisation’s war chest.”

“WADA currently operates on an annual budget of $30 million with 50 percent coming from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the rest from governments.”

drug use and drug testing are sham and a scam —– http://theetgtrackclub.com/documents/TheETGstopdrug.pdf