Started this workout this month in terms of having changed the 800’s day workout on the track to a 600’s day. The change was to eliminate the redundancy after having replaced the 1200’s day workout on the track with an 800m Hills Day workout.

The update……

Base Building 600’s Day run on the track [2 x 600m].
Moderate to fast pace run done in interval form on the track, usually run on the 13th day of each month. TheETG velocity oriented version of what is called a “tempo run” in a traditional training program.
1 mile run in interval form [2 x 600m] with full recovery between each rep.

Target pace for the first of these workouts was set conservatively at 1:57 [5:12 mile pace]. since then I have completed progressions at 1:57
--- I move forward at 6 second increments. Now training at 1:51 [4:55 mile pace].
--- When I get to 1:30 [4:00 mile pace] I’ll go to 3 second increments.