Relatively recent updates to the training program. The 400’s Day workout on the track is now an 800’s day that’s also done on the track. So for each month, the first 2 workouts are 800m reps on the Hills Day course. The 3rd workout of each month is now 800 reps on the track. And the final 2 workouts continue to be Goal Pace workouts. The updated protocol for the Goal Pace workouts is that 400m reps are the shortest distance for rep #1 of each workout. A change for me since I originally started at 50m at 3:22 1500m pace. I believe that longer reps are necessary for a higher training stimulus, even if you can’t stay on goal pace for a full 400m. Better to do whatever pace can be maintained and wait patiently for your fitness level to progress to where you can hold goal pace for a 400m, then move on from there.

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