Ouch! Didn’t intend to go silent on this page for more than a year. I spent 2023 resolving some issues with the range of motion protocols. A necessity in a velocity oriented training program where the rate of tissue tightening can exceed what is being addressed by one’s stretching program. Also resolved an unfortunate and obvious oversight with protein intake protocol. The range of motion issue is a huge one in our sport, even in training volume oriented training programs, and not just for distance runners but especially for sprinters. As your fitness level increases, so do tissue tightening issues. Everywhere you look in our sport, going back many decades one is familiar with the muscle spasm, cramp, strain, pull that occurs in sprinters and distance runners. Pec muscles for throwers, calf or hamstring for sprinters…..so typically when the athlete is reaching a relatively high level of fitness or doing well performance wise at track meets. If this issue can be successfully taken off the table, athletes may be able to continue moving their fitness level forward instead of having to pull back or stop training. Adding to this, avoiding the underfeeding of protein can have a similar long term impact in our sport.